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Holy Rosary Cemetery

As the Catholic adjunct to the Pioneer cemetery approached capacity faster than expected, Senator Conn once again came to the rescue and purchased a tract of land north of the city limits (today's 26th and E St) for a new cemetery in 1875. With two Catholic cemeteries in existence, the common usage for names showed the Catholic adjunct at 7th St. and Sierra Way known as "Old Catholic Cemetery", and the cemetery at 26th St. and "E"St. known as the "New Catholic Cemetery". With the founding of Holy Rosary Parish in 1927 a short distance away, the cemetery becomes known as "Holy Rosary Cemetery".

As with the previous cemeteries, there were no caretaker records for the "New Catholic Cemetery". Much of the burial information that we have is derived from funeral records and tombstone censuses. The grave makers tell the researcher that most of the pre-1875 burials eventually ended up in Holy Rosary Cemetery. All of those buried at Lake Seccombe were transferred to the Catholic adjunct after 1869 and then to Holy Rosary, or were transferred directly to Holy Rosary after 1875. Most of those buried at the Catholic adjunct (ie. Old Catholic Cemetery) during its brief existence, 1869-1875, were re-interred at Holy Rosary.

By 1935, Holy Rosary Cemetery was nearly full and burials were stopped by 1940. The number of burials totaled 1685. A private owned cemetery began in San Bernardino in 1907. Mountain View Cemetery was located at Highland Ave. and Waterman Ave. In the mid 1930's, Mountain View Cemetery established a separate Calvary section for Catholic burials. Several dozen transfers were made from 1935-1967. From tombstone data, it appeared that only those who died after 1885 were moved from Holy Rosary. With the opening of the Calvary section at Mountain View Cemetery and the loss of the Catholic adjunct to Pioneer Cemetery, Holy Rosary Cemetery became known as the "Old Catholic Cemetery".